March/April Newsletter ~ Match Pairs and Data Equivalency

February Newsletter ~ Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier, Greener a case study

January Newsletter ~ New year new home new opportunities


December Newsletter ~ Gratitude and Joy

November Newsletter ~ Falcon is Flying the Coop (new Teledyne quarters)

October Newsletter #2 ~ Falcon is Now Part of Teledyne Technologies

October Newsletter ~ Gulf Coast Conference Reminder

September Newsletter ~ Gulf Coast Conference Preview

August Newsletter ~ Taking the GC "back to school"

July Newsletter ~ CALIDUS superior in the lab, the field and online

June Newsletter ~ Analysis of Biodiesel-diesel Blends

May Newsletter ~ Low Cost Fast Delivery GC for Experienced Chromatographers

April Newsletter Second Edition ~ Distillery Applications

April Newsletter ~ New Lease & Rental Finance Options

March Newsletter ~ BTEX in Ambient Air

February Newsletter ~ Process Applications

January Newsletter ~ Gulf Coast Conference & Export Update


December Newsletter ~ A Process GC from Order to Shipment in 29 Days

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October Newsletter ~ the ultimate ambient air monitoring solution

September Newsletter ~ Product Purity & Profits

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June Newsletter ~ Trace analysis with Calidus GS-T

May Newsletter ~ Data Equivalency & Its Value

April Newsletter ~ "imitation is the finest form of flattery"

March Newsletter ~ Chemometric Analysis of PITTCON 2017 Gauntlet Measurements

February Newsletter ~ PITTCON 2017 Preview

January Newsletter ~ Falcon Analytical . . . Flying High for Ten Years . . .


December Newsletter ~ Best Technical Gift this Holiday Season

November Newsletter ~ thanks for a year of success

September Newsletter ~ Gulf Coast Conference 2016 Preview

August Newsletter ~ New Mobile GC System

July Newsletter ~ CALIDUS GC Headspace Unit Now Available

June Newsletter ~ When the Going Gets Tough . . .

May Newsletter ~ CALIDUS GC Earns Presidential “E” Export Award

April Newsletter ~ Holding a BYOS Party (Bring Your Own Sample) At ISA AD

March Newsletter ~ CALIDUS GC Joins Her Majesty’s Fuel Fraud Detection Service

February Newsletter ~ "signs of the times"

January Newsletter ~ resolve to work faster and improve your operation’s throughput


December Newsletter ~ Application Briefs Added to Website

November Newsletter ~ A Season of Technical Outreach

October Newsletter ~ Fourth Annual GCC Micro & Fast GC Symposium

September Newsletter ~ environmental analyses for hydrocarbons in ambient air

August Newsletter ~ CALIDUS Overseas Success Nets Intl Commerce Awards

July Newsletter ~ High Heat + High Speed = Superior GC Analysis

May Newsletter ~ Heartcutting Applications

April Newsletter ~ We Could Have Made It Sexy – We Chose to Build It Strong

February Newsletter ~ The New D7798 Ultrafast SIMDIS Method


December Newsletter ~ patented modular design turbocharges capability

November Newsletter ~ proven, superior, gas chromatography technology available now

September Newsletter ~ 3rd Annual Micro & Fast Gas Chromatography Symposium

August Newsletter ~ A Great New LSI Autosampler

June Newsletter ~ CALIDUS GC never should have been classified “micro”

May Newsletter ~ Why has acceptance of the ultrafast GC been delayed?

April Newsletter ~ Proven durability, reliability and incredible, analytical speed – On Line

March Newsletter ~ CALIDUS brings the promise of the micro GC to reality


December Newsletter ~ Feeling joyful, triumphant and very grateful

November Newsletter ~ GCC 2013 a High-Flying Success for Falcon

September Newsletter ~ Coming of Age at Gulf Coast Conference

August Newsletter ~ They try to tell us we're too young . . .

July Newsletter ~ The Ultrafast D-7798 SIMDIS Method Moves to Inter Lab Study

June Newsletter ~ New Reps Expand Falcon Sales/Service Capacity

May Newsletter ~ Patents: Bold, Beautiful Breakthroughs or Boring Boilerplates

April Newsletter ~ This Bird Can’t Be Pigeon-Holed

March Newsletter, Issue 1 ~ Bad News and Good News at PITTCON . . .

March Newsletter, Issue 2 ~ Great Software . . . the Wind Beneath our Wings . . .

February Newsletter ~ CALIDUS . . . the micro GC with no micro GC limitations . . .

January Newsletter ~ Falcon Analytical is Having an Online House-Warming . . .