CALIDUS is Really Rolling

January 24, 2018

The Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS™ Ultrafast GC Mobile System

GC analysis delivered from virtually any vehicle fitted with at least 250 AMP alternator.

Falcon Analytical offers the latest in pioneering GC technology – a transportable platform that can deliver genuine laboratory quality gas chromatography in the field. The CALIDUS Ultrafast GC Mobile System can be configured with any CALIDUS model and applied to all sample types – liquid or gas phase.

This CALIDUS Mobile GC System makes difficult or impossible analytical gas chromatography possible and practical in the field, including...

  • Upstream E&P evaluations onsite for oil & gas
  • Environmental emissions monitoring . . . fence line HRVOC, spill and leak quantification, automotive emissions
  • Roadside fuel marker detection
  • Transportable product authentication
  • Pipeline interface detection
  • Forensic analysis

The CALIDUS Mobile GC System is powerful, safe and secure . . .

  • DC to AC conversion sufficient for all equipment needed
  • Includes FID Gas Station, using DI water and compressed air for gas utility needs
  • Constructed of structural aluminum
  • The system attaches to interior seat hooks or the frame of the vehicle

The standard CALIDUS Mobile GC System platform fits in larger SUVs such as Tahoe and Land Cruiser. With specifications the platform can be outfitted for medium or larger size vans.

The CALIDUS GC’s compact size and low weight make such a GC system possible and practical. The CALIDUS GC’s performance makes the system truly desirable.

Falcon is Ready to Roll this New System Right to Your Door

A GC system this mobile is ideal for making onsite demonstrations. We can bring the ultrafast, ultra-user-friendly, highly durable, practical, reliable and economical CALIDUS Gas Chromatograph to you. No need to travel or disrupt your lab to learn how fast and how well CALIDUS will perform your measurements.

Interested chromatographers, lab managers and chemists can simply bring a 2 ml sample vial or small bag of gas sample to their own visitor parking for a complete demonstration.

Call to Arrange a Demonstration at Your Facility or We’ll Meet You in the Field

Don’t miss this chance to examine this extraordinary new platform for gas chromatography and learn what CALIDUS speed and reliability can mean to your operation. To arrange a visit contact Falcon using the details on this web page.

For more detailed information about the new mobile system, please contact us at 1-800-422-1499

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