ASTM D02 Meeting (06/2018)

June 05, 2018

June 24-28th in Phoenix, AZ

ASTM D02 Meeting (06/2018)

June 24-28th, 2018
JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ

Be sure to join us for our Hospitality Event, 6-8 pm, Monday, June 25th, in the Grand Canyon Ballroom 7 (JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge, Phoenix, AZ)


Extending ASTM D7798 to Biodiesel

Analysis of biodiesel-diesel blends using CALIDUS™ UltraFast GC and chemometric methods

Stacked Chromatograms of diesel mixed with biodiesel in various concentrations from 0 to 20%
(A.M. Hupp et. al. Fuel 231 [2018] 264-270)

Predicted biodiesel concentration via PLS vs. actual biodiesel concentration (measured in lab)
(A.M. Hupp et. al. Fuel 231 [2018] 264-270)

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