New CALIDUS GS for Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air

September 30, 2015

Teledyne-Falcon has introduced a new “GS” model of its Teledyne-Falcon GC, designed for measuring environmental gases.



New Ultrafast GC for Analysis of Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air


Falcon Analytical has introduced a new “GS” model of its CALIDUS GC, designed for measuring environmental gases, including greenhouse, stack gas, process ventilation, tank car headspace and other low pressure applications. The CALIDUS GS combines Falcon’s patented column module and modular GC system; splitless injection design; onboard gas sample pump; large sample capacity and compact size to create a reliable fixed-base or transportable gas analyzer.

Falcon Analytical is a leading provider of innovative, cost effective solutions for measurement, control and automation. Falcon offers a full line of ultrafast, gas chromatograph analyzers; GC autosamplers; software to enhance and streamline analyzer data reporting; as well as domestic and international service programs. Falcon develops its products and services with primary concern for the needs of the Hydrocarbon Processing, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Food and Beverage, and Environmental Industries.

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