In 2012, Falcon Analytical received its first patent for "Trans-Configurable Modular Chromatography Assembly", and received its second patent for "Fast Micro Gas Chromatography System" in 2013, affirming that the features and concepts of CALIDUS™ GC are unique only to Falcon Analytical. Two additional patents are currently pending.

Trans-Configurable Modular Chromatographic Assembly

US 8,336,366 B2 | Dec. 25, 2012

Fast Micro Gas Chromatograph System

US 8,414,832 B1 | Apr. 9, 2013

Fast Gas Chromatographic System used for the Rapid Analysis of Components Spanning a Wide Molecular Weight Range

Patent Pending

Chromatographic System for Rapidly Isolating and Measuring a Single or Multiple Components in a Complex Matrix

Patent Pending

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