Are Falcon Analytical and the Teledyne-Falcon GC established?

The Teledyne-Falcon GC has been offered commercially for many years and deployed in a wide range of lab, online, at-line and field applications. One three-stream process system, for example, has completed over 500,000 analyses with zero downtime.

A new Ultrafast ASTM D-7798 SIMDIS Method, employed by the Teledyne-Falcon GC (proposed D-2887 equivalent) can provide simulated distillation for fuels characterizations in just 84 seconds. This method has already advanced to Inter-Lab Study.

As for the Falcon team...the core development group alone has over 125 years combined experience in gas chromatography and the Falcon record in applications engineering and customer support is second to none.

Won’t the larger, more established GC companies have the same technology soon anyway?

Well...that just can’t happen. All the technology that makes the Teledyne-Falcon GC so fast, so reliable, so easy to operate and economical to maintain is patented. The other GC providers can’t do it for at least another 15 years.

Will the Teledyne-Falcon GC be able to handle my application?

With its modular columns and detectors platform, application range is second only to analytical speed in the list of Teledyne-Falcon GC advantages. Consider these diverse capabilities:

  • Gas or liquid samples
  • Fixed gases & hydrocarbons up to C44
  • Petroleum products & biodiesel formulations up to C50
  • FID, TCD, DBD, or FPD detector modules
  • Rotary sample valve or syringe
  • Single column module lengths up to 8 meters
  • Dual column module units up to 16 meters

Falcon even offers dual detection models and its own, PALARUS GC Autosampler.

I know my current GC technology. How do I know that I will be able to operate the Teledyne-Falcon GC successfully?

Teledyne-Falcon uses modern, widely-used computing methods and standard operating systems. Chromperfect® and InfoMetrix® software that automate system suitability status control and flag outliers are bundled right in to the Teledyne-Falcon system. Typical user interface is a commercial Windows® PC shipped with all the needed software already on board.

If I change GC technologies will the processes and automation I interface with become disrupted or dysfunctional?

The speed and reliability of the Teledyne-Falcon GC combined with Chromperfect and InfoMetrix software make data interface with processes and automation better than any other GC configuration available today. And the Falcon team will be on-site to do all it can to ease transition for all affected by the change in GC technology.

I have a long relationship with my current provider and their representative. There is value in that relationship that will be hard to give up.

We understand this concern as well as anyone in the industry. We value our relationships with our customers and hope that those relationships continue indefinitely.

But isn’t the primary obligation of your provider to deliver the very best technology? Only Falcon and its representatives offer the patented technology and superior performance of the Teledyne-Falcon GC.

And don’t we all have a professional obligation to employ the best technology available in our operations? If that technology is only available from another source don’t our professional values require that we at least consider that new technology and that new provider?

I just can’t seem to accept that a smaller GC is as capable, reliable and durable as the traditional big GCs.

The Teledyne-Falcon was designed to be a complete and nearly universally applicable high performance GC. With its sturdy, 1/8" gauge aluminum housing, reduced switching valves and system integrity checking routines programmed on board, the Teledyne-Falcon GCmay be the most durable and reliable GC on the market today. Considering the Teledyne-Falcon GC’s speed and wide range of application it is actually more capable than most traditional GCs.

And haven’t we all seen that technology tends to become smaller as it advances? We all benefit from smaller but more powerful computers. Nearly everyone has a multitasking computer/wireless smartphone in their pocket these days. Why are we surprised and reluctant when this historical pattern of reduced size and increased capability emerges in gas chromatography?

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