Teledyne-Falcon Process GC Analyzers

Single Stream Teledyne-Falcon Process GC Analyzers

Parker IntraFlow Sample Systems

Single Stream with Automatic Calibration/Validation

Modular Intraflow NeSSI, Modular Teledyne-Falcon GC, Modular Teledyne-Falcon GC Process Analyzer

Teledyne-Falcon GC Process Analyzer I/O Capability

All system driven via Ethernet & Standard I/O modules

  • Power supply
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Analog & Digital I/O
  • Electronic to pneumatic drivers for the IntraFlow sample systems

Class 1, Division II, C&D

Teledyne-Falcon GC Chromperfect Process Control

  • Simplifies control and monitoring of process analyzer system functions
  • Enables Teledyne-Falcon GC to deliver composition results to distributed control systems for process control and LIMS
  • Adds fully integrated information management for Process GC systems to Chrom Perfect
  • Adds Control Functions for maximum connectivity:
    • Sample Shut Off
    • Stream Switching
    • Analog and Digital Inputs & Outputs
    • Modbus
    • OPC

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