Falcon Analytical...the pioneering professionals who created the ultrafast, ultra-user-friendly, highly durable, practical, reliable and economical Teledyne-Falcon GC are now offering their own advanced LSI autosampler...the PALARUSTM GC Autosampler.


The PALARUS offers many outstanding technical and performance features, including:

  • Servo Motor Drive
  • Simultaneous X-Y Movement - Not Sequential
  • Faster, Quieter - More Reliable Movement
  • Fast Injections - Software Programmed Control
  • Simple Operation with PALARUS Methods – Linked to Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS Sequences
  • Ethernet, USB, internal PAL BUS, with Windows
  • HiDef Hand Control or Virtual PC Terminal
  • Ultra Reliable & Durable Construction – No Bungee Cords
  • 324 Vial Capacity

Configured for Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS Gas Chromatograph

The PALARUS is already configured to complement the Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS Gas Chromatograph and interface with its on board software.

For complete details on PALARUS ~ Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS GC pricing and delivery, contact us at GoTML@teledyne.com 1-800-422-1499 http://www.teledyne-ml.com